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Alpha Beta arteether injection ia an anti malarial drug. It belongs to susquisterpine lactone class. It is available in the strength of  150 mg/2ml  and 75 mg/1 ml. 

Brands name:

Some brand names of alpha beta arteether injection available  in the market are :

Emal injection

Bither injection 

Artehuk-B injection 

Artemm injection 

Beether injection 

Vibther injection 

Artejet injection 

Xbetar injection 

Indither injection 

Firteether injection 

Betazed injection 

Bemal injection 

Artisafe injection

Falcide injection 

Falcigard injection 

Senether injection 

Genther injection 

Match injection

Rapither injection

Artimal injection 


Besides these you can also get it by different  name in the medical shop. Brand name is different according to pharmaceutical company. Different kinds of brand name is availablle according to country. 


It is an antimalarial injection   so it’s prescribed to treat malaria fever. Malaria  is mosquito  borne disease.  infected female anopheles mosquitoes cause malaria.  Malaria  symptoms are high fever,diarrhea, vomiting anaemia. plasmodium falciparum cause Falciparum malaria . Cerebral  malaria is fever  of brain.  Emal injection show better action against these diseases. 

It is also given to treat chloroquine resistance malaria. In general condition, doctor give chloroquine, primaquine to treat malaria. If these medicine doesn’t show action against malaria then injection is given.


It’s given intramuscularly. Always inject this on hip muscles. Don’t take it on shoulder.  Its dose is different according to region. In earlier time 150mg/2 ml dose was given  for 3 days continously.  But in southern asian countries . Injection is given in 5 dose. First loading dose of 150 mg/2 ml. and remaining four continues  75 mg/1 ml are given to the malarial patients. Dose  calculated as 1.6mg  to 3.2 mg per kg per day.  

Pregnancy: During first trimester (3 month) this injection is not given. Because it can effect baby brain and tumors.  After first trimester it can be prescribed but with doctors advice only. 


Alpha Beta arteether injection Sideeffects:



Don’t take this injection without doctor advice. Some side effects seen in the patients are:

Pain and rudeness appear on te the site of injection. 

Nausea and vomiting 


Abdominal pain


Increase heart rate 

Chill and trigger 

Besides these,  any unwanted sideeffect seen then contact your  nearest doctor immediately. 

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