Alprazolam 1 mg: Uses, Side Effect, Interaction

Brand Names:

Some brand name available in the market are given below

Alprazolam intensol

Trika tablet

Xanax tablet

Xanax XR

Alprex tablet

Niravam Tablet



Beside these it is also available other brand names. Brand names differ from one region to another region. 

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Alprazolam uses

What is Alprazolam tablet?

Alprazolam tablet is a benzodiazepine group medicine. It is available in the strength of  0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg. It is used to keep calm your mind. 

Alprazolam Uses:

It is used to treat anxiety. Anxiety is a sense of uneasy,uncomfortable feeling of vague fear. It can produce condition like  tachycardia or shortness of breath,worry feeling. It is a illness seen in people having social issue,women,family history of anxiety. According to the research anxiety seen in  13% people age between 18 to 54 year . and  10% people having Over age than 50 years in United State of America. Symptoms seen in Anxiety are Insomnia,headache,palpitation,difficulty in swallowing,chest pain,dry mouth. Other symptoms like tension ,fatigue,overreaction,emotion,nervous,sweating. 

Other disease is panic disorder. It is recurrent and unpredictable attacks. The symptoms seen are restlessness,trembling,dizziness,fear of death. Within 10 minutes its condition reaches to high. It last within 30 minutes. Alprazolam is used to treat that disorder. 

At the time of chemotherapy nausea and vomiting seen. To cure that condition doctor prescribe that medicine. In old age people have problem of sleeping disturbance known as Insomnia. So Insomnia patients can take this medicine. After recover from drug addiction they feel restlessness,dizziness. At that time it is used. 


At night time after dinner you have to take this medicine. In sever cases also prescribed for twice in a days. Drink at least full glass of water to avoid irritation. 

Side effects

Dose is different according to the age,weight,condition of the patients. In some cases due to various reason, following side effects may be seen in the patients. Some common side effects are listed below:



Stomach upset;

Blurred vision;

Excessive sweating;

Low memory;


Beside these you may face other side effects. Consult your nearest doctor immediately so that further treatment can be given.


It interact with these medicine. So avoid medication with the following medicine otherwise it cause serous problem.

Sedatives or hypnotics class such as:

Anxiolytics Drug as follow:

Barbiturates drugs as:

Narcotic analgesics drugs as:

Sedative Antihistamines such as:

Anesthetics drugs:

Antidepressants such as:

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  • Do not drive
  • Anoid working on heavy machine
  • Avoid alcohol
  • On take after doctor advice in case of pregnancy.
  • Keep away from children
  • Avoid if you have allergy with this group of medicine. 

We provide information for the educational  purpose only. Do not take it as a medical advice. Do not self medicate, it may cause harmful effect on the body. We are not responsible if it cause negative effect. So consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
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