Amlopidine|Amlopidine Besilate Uses,Side Effect:Norvasc

 Amlopidine Besilate Tablet|Amlopres-5

1. Introduction of Amlopidine Tablet

Amlopidine  Besilate  Tablet is a medicine of  angioselective calcium channel blocker  group. Amlopidine Besylate tablet is blood pressure medicine antihypertensive medicine is a most popular medicine use to treat high blood pressure. It is available in 2.5 mg/5mg/10mg strength

2.Brand Names of Amlopidine Besilate 

This medicine is easily available in the market by it’s generic name Amlopidine Besilate. Some Pharma companies have given it’s brand name which is different according to each company but the chemical composition is same. Branded Medicine may be expensive than generic medicine. Some example of branded name are as follow

Norvasc tablet

Amlokind-5 tablet
Amlopres-5 tablet
Amlovas-5 tablet
Aginial-5 tablet

Beside this you can also get with others name in the medical shop.

3. Uses of Amlopidine Besilate

Now we will discuss about uses of medicine in which disease it is uses. It is used to treat Hypertension in which Blood Pressure of Patients increases. [Normal Blood Pressure is 120/80 where 120 is systolic and 80 is dystolic ]. 

The name of other disease is coronary artery disease.  in which symptoms like Pain in the chest, arm,neck,shoulder then this medicine is prescribed to the patients. Any High Blood Pressure Patients are taking anti-hypertensive medicine like Losartin / Enalapril/Atenolol. If Blood pressure is not controlled then Amlopidine is given in combination therapy with them.

4.Side Effect of Amlopidine

It safe medicine so commonly it does not cause any side effect. In cases of overdoses or other problem patients may faces problem like

-Swelling in the Leg and ankle

-Felling weakness

-Pain in the abdominal area

-Warm sensation on the face

-Heart Rate increases irregular 


-size of blood vessel may increases which causes low blood pressure

Beside these if any others side effect are seen the stop taking this medicine and as soon as possible contact your Doctor so that further treatment can be given.

5.Why Blood Pressure is increased?

First of all we will know how Blood plood pressure is increased. There is a calcium ion which contract the cell of vasculsar smooth or cardiac muscles cell. due to which rate of blood flow  increased in the narrow space and blood pressure increases.

.If you have:-

.Renal diseases

.Cirrhosis of lever

.sleep apnea

.congenital narrowing of aorta


.Age,Stres,obesity,family history

6.Mechanism of Action of Amlopidine

Amlopidine controls or stop the movement of calcium ion in the vascular smooth muscles cell. and cardiac muscles cell due to which blood vessel does not become narrow and blood flow normal.

7. Amlopidine Dosage

It is available in the market 2.5 mg ,5mg, 10mg strength.

5mg Amlopidine tablet for one time early in the morning after breakfast. You can also take in empety stomach.

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