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Anti rabies Vaccine is an injection contain inactive rabies virus and thiomersal as preservative.  Anti rabies Vaccine use after dog bite and other rabid infected animal.  It is available  as strength of  0.5 ml and 1 ml packing.  

Brand names of Rabies Vaccine:

Some brand of rabies vaccine available in the market are:
  • Abhyrab injection
  • Verorab injection 
  • Rabipur injection
  • Equirab vaccine
  • Erig vaccine
  • Hrig  rabies vaccine 
  • Berirab-P rabies vaccine 
  • Surerab anti rabies vaccine
  • Abhayrab vaccine anti rabies injection 
  • Xprab rabies vaccine 
  • Q-RIG rabies vaccine 
  • ChiroRab rabies vaccine 
  • Zoonovac-V vaccine 
  • Rabishield Rabies injection 
  • Zuvirab rabies vaccine 
  • Imorab rabies vaccine 
  • Imogam rabies vaccine
  • Abhayrib rabies vaccine 
  • Worab rabies vaccine 
  • Verovax-R rabies vaccine 
  • Carig rabies vaccine 
  • Favirab rabies vaccine 

Besides these brands you can also get it by other name in the market. Brand name is different according to pharma company and country.  Each pharma company have have their particular brand name. 

Anti Rabies Vaccine Uses:

Anti rabies vaccine is given when any rabies infected animal bite or nailed you. It is used to treat rabies virus. This vaccine is given in two form, pre-exposure vaccination and post exposure vaccination. 

Pre-exposure vacination: Some groups of person have high risk of exposure to rabies virus. Any  dog or other rabies infected animal don’t  bite the person. If they come into contact with rabies virus then rabies vaccine is given. Some people like laboratory person, hostpital staff, veterinarians, animal handler,wildlife officers have more chance to contact with rabies virus. Rabies virus infect when it comes into contact with wounds.

Post-exposure vaccination:  In this condition vaccine is given when dog or other rabies infected animal bite,nailed people. And virus come into contact with blood.  

Sideeffect of Anti rabies vaccine:

Some sideeffect seen when injected rabies vaccine are:

  • Pain, redness, swelling on the injected site
  • Headache 
  • Fever
  • Body aches 
  • Vomiting 

Besides these, if any unwanted sideeffect seen then contact your nearest doctor immediately.  

Anti Rabies Vaccine Doses and shedule:

The route of administration of Rabies vaccine is Intramuscular (IM) and Intravenous (IV). Itbis given at thigh in children and in adult at deltoid muscles of shoulder. 

Dose and shedule for Pre-exposure vaccination: In vaccination total four doses of vaccine is given to the patients. 

  • 1st  dose  = 0 day ( when animals bite)
  • 2nd dose = 7th day
  • 3rd dose  = 21st day
  • 4th dose  = 28th day

Dose and Shedule for  post-exposure vaccination: In this condition total 5 dose of vaccine is given to the patients.

  • 1st dose  = 0 day (when infected animal bite)
  • 2nd  dose = 3rd day
  • 3rd dose  = 7th day
  • 4th  dose  = 14th day
  • 5th dose   = 28th day

Doses and shedule when previously injected: When patients are previously inject rabies vaccine then proper shedule are as:

  • 1st dose = 0 day (when infected animal bite)
  • 2n dose = 3rd day

Storage conditions of Anti Rabies vaccine:

It contains two type of bottles, one is in powder form and diluent present in another bottle. It is stored i  refrigerator at temperature 2°C to 8°C. After vaccination if some quantity remains then it should be again stored in refrigerator. It is necessary to inject within 6 hours after opening. 

For detail information about Rabies visit this link 👉️Rabies


We are not advertising any brand . We only provide information for knowledge purpose only.  Don’t take it as medical advice.  Never  do self medication because self medication can cause harmful effects. Before taking any medicine contact your nearest doctor and pharmacist.  If any serious problem causes then we are not responsible.

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