Anti Snake Venom injection:Dose Prices|snake bite treatment

Anti snake venom vaccine  is a biological product collected from antibodies of horse or sheep. Antigen is neutralize with poison. It is available in powder  and liquid form. It is used to treat snake bite.

Anti Snake Venom Vaccine Brand Name

Different kinds of brand available in the market are given.

snake antivenin 
snake venom antiserum IP
antivenom immunoglobulin 
CroFab  injection 
ASVS injection
siiasvs injection
Lyophilised polyvalent anti snake venom serum injection

Beside, these you can also get it by different name in the market.

Uses of  Snake venom Antiserum:

Anti snake venom is used to treat snake bite poisoning. It reduces snake poison. When snake bites some symptoms are seen. Symptoms like symbol of teeth on site,skin started decoloration,shortness of breath,

Paracetamol, tramadol, atropine injection is also given to get relief from pain.


How anti snake venom  vaccine is given?

Powder is mixed in liquid.  Then it is injected Intravenous.  Injection is given according  to poisoning.  If poison is reduced in first vaccine then in next time gap is maintained.

If poison isn’t reduced then vaccine is given hourly. When snake bite, they don’t  have to feed anything to the patients.  Otherwise it cause difficult in respiration.


Storage Condition for Snake anti venom vaccine:

It is stored in refrigerator at temperature 2°C to 8°C.


Some medicine like NSAIDs,Asprin,Diclofenac, nimusulide  isn’t prescribed to the patients


Anti Snake venom vaccine Sideeffects:

Some common sideeffect seen after injecting like:

  • Skin rashes, itching, redness on the injected site


Anti snake venom injection Price:

It prices is varies according to brand and country.  Price of some brand in India are

  • Snakes venom antiserum ➡️ IC Rs. 500/vial
  • Lyophilized Polyvalent Enzyme  refined Equine immunoglobulin 10 ml (Plasm venom)➡️ Ic Rs. 420/box
  • Plasmvenom➡️ Ic Rs. 468
  • Anti Snake Vin➡️Ic Rs. 800
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