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Benzoyl peroxide gel

What do you mean by Benzoyl Peroxide Gel ?

Benzoyl Peroxide isan antibacterial medicine which is used for the treatment of skin diseases like pimple, acne. It is a dermatologic agent.

What are the Brand Name of Benzoyl Peroxide Gel ?

It is also available by its generic name Benzoyl Peroxide. The Brand Names are given by the Pharmaceuticsl Companies which may be different according to country or states. Some brand name of benzoyl peroxide which is available in tha market are :


Acne cure gel-10G

Benzac-ac gel

Persol gel 


Adicure gel

Adapalene Gel

akneroxid gel

Besides these you can also get by other name in the medical shop.

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What is the benzoyl peroxide used for ?

As you know that benzoyl peroxide is dermatologic agent, it is used to treat different kinds of skin diseases. Pimple is one of the major problem of teenager which start to seen mainly at the age of 12 or 13 years old. 

Benzac ac gel is one of the popular medicine for pipmle treatment. It is also used to treat mild to moderate acne which mainly appear on the face. sometimes it is also seen on the chest or other part of the body.Any infection caused by bacteria on the skin then you can use benzoyl peroxide gel.

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How to use benzoyl peroxide gel ?

First of all wash your face and hand properly and let’s dry for some minute. After that take some doses of benzoyl peroxide. And apply on the infected skin with thin layer but keep away from eyes, nose and mouth.

How long should I leave benzac-ac gel on my face?

Mainly benzoyl chloride is used at the night so you can leave it over a night it does not matter it will show its action. But let dry it after using.

Does benzoyl peroxide causes side effect?

Yes, benzoyl peroxide can cause some side efffect. Some side effect which is seen are:-

Redness of skin;


Skin become dry;

Burning sensation ;

Besides, these you may face other problems

How does benzoyl chloride works ?

Oxygen which is realesed by decomposing benzoyl chloride kill  bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide show irritant effect which increases the turn over rate of epithelial cell by peeling the acne or pimple skin.


Do not use benzoyl peroxide without doctor’s advice;

If you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide then avoid it;

If you are pregnant and breast feeding mother the consult your doctor before using it;

Avoid this medicine for children;

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