Black fungus symptoms(mucormycosis) infection in CoVid Patients

Black fungus symptoms(mucormycosis) infection in CoVid Patients. Introduction of  black fungus infection? how does the infection occur, what kind of people appear? What could be the symptoms? It’s  diagnosis. The interest of the general public is growing. This infection is rare. but if the infection is serious As newer variants of the corona infection (Covid-19) continue to adversely affect human life around the world. people are becoming more and more anxious and infected with mucoikosis (black fungus) infection. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, black fungus infection has been confirmed in a dozen patients in Kathmandu, Birgunj and Banke.  In India, more than 12,000 people have been infected with black fungus and 200 have died.

Black fungus symptoms(mucormycosis) infection in CoVid Patients

What is Black Fungus?

Mucormycosis (black fungus) is a type of opportunistic fungus found naturally in our environment and soil. The risk of this infection which is
generally considered rare, is higher in humid places. When a person’s immune system is very weak. the risk of infection increases. In Nepal, eye, nose and face black fungus infections have been seen in people infected with Covid-19 or infected. This infection is rare, but if the infection is serious. it can be fatal. so it is necessary to pay attention in time.

What are the common early symptoms of black fungus?

Pain in the face, nose, mouth, around the eyes,
swelling of the eyes and nose, redness or pain, Darkening of the skin around the nose,

discharge of blood from the nose,
Toothache or shaking,
Headache, Fever, fainting, tingling.

When to be hospitalized blackfungus patients?

People of any age group can be infected with colostrum. But in the case of Nepal, they have appeared in the age group of 18 to 60 years. If symptoms of black mold appear, go to the nearest hospital. Physicians identify it by testing as needed. It is tested from fungal test to MRI. Physicians proceed with the treatment process according to which part of the body the infection has been detected through the test.

What is the treatment of black fungus?

In the course of its treatment, the medicine given from Sline should be given for 10 to 14 days. Posaconazole is then given for a month and a half depending on the condition of the patient. This medicine is mandatory. It should be operated on simultaneously. Surgery should be done on the affected part of the body. It mainly affects the nose, eyes, sinuses, brain and other parts of the body. If the infection in the eye is severe, the baby has to be removed.

What kind of person is at high risk of blackfungus?

This is not a new disease. But it is a very rare infection. Does not move from one person to another. So this disease is not contagious. But this infection is very serious. as the infection grows it can be fatal. The disease characterized by uncontrolled diabetes, organ transplant patients and patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Those who use other drugs indiscriminately

The government order to help physicians identify. and treat the early stages of black fungal infections. They are preparing to prepare and make public the protocol on the basis of the same advisory. The state government should make arrangements for this immediately. They are coordinating with the World Health Organization (WHO) to bring antifungal drugs and we have received information that this drug will arrive immediately. If it is available immediately, they can save patient from the infection.

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