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Calcium and vitamin D3 tablets or calcium tablets are calcium supplement. This tablet  treat low calcium disease like osteoporosis,osteomalacia,rickets,in pregnacy,repairing bone fracture. It is available in chewable and uncoated form. 


Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablet Brand Names:

Some brands name of calcium and vitamin d3 tablet available in the market are:

Cipcal tablet

Shelcal tablet

Omnical tablet

Osteocalcium tablet

Trical d tablet

Calci-D3 tablet

Maxxcal-500 tablet

Ostifit tablet

Ostelin tablet

Shell-guard-D3 tablet

Cipcal-500 tablet 

Estocal-500 tablet


Inlife tablet

Calcigen 500 mg

Omnical 500 mg tablet

Ossivite 500 mg tablet

Trical D 500 mg tablet

Calnix 500 mg tablet

Caldinat 500 mg tablet

Dailycal 500 mg tablet

Sandocal 500 mg tablet

Cavit tablet

Callon tablet

Aeocal tablet 

Besides these. It’s also available by differents names in the medical shop. The chemical composition of all these brand is same.


Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablet Sideeffects:

Patients should take prescribed dose only. Due to over dose or some conditions.  These side effects can be seen:


Stomach upset

Nausea and vomiting

Loss of appetite


Besides,  these other sideeffect may seen. Then contact your nearest doctor immediately.  So that further treatment  can be given.


Calcium and vitamin D3 tablet dose/dosage:

Dose is different according to age and condition  of the patients. You have to take required dose in proper time. 

Below 50 years old people 1000 mg per day calcium and vitamin D3  is required. About 1200 mg calcium is needed for people more than 50 years old. 

Patients taking  phenytoin, barbitone,prednisone tablet  also take calcium tablet. 


Role of Calcium and Vitamin D3:

Calcium: Calcium maintain calcium homeostasis. It helps in the formation of bone marrow. It offers maximum elemental calcium for absorption. 

Vitamin D3: It ensures maximum calcium absorption. It decreases bone reabsorption.  It promotes bone mineralization. 

Recommended dietary intake  of Calcium and Vitamin D:

800 mg calcium  per day and 200 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 9 to 13 years old children.  

1300 mg calcium per day and 200 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 14 to 18 years old. 

1300 mg calcium per day and 200 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 19 to 30 years old. 

1000 mg calcium  per day and 200 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 31 to 50 years old. 

1200 mg calcium per day and 400 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 9 to 13 years old. 

1200 mg calcium per day and 800 vitamin D (IU/day) is required for 9 to 13 years old.


Calcium Deficiency Symptoms:

These are some symptoms seen. When there is deficiency of calcium.

Imapaired bone growth

Numbness  of the  arm or leg

Joint pains

Muscles cramping

Dry skin and brittle nails 

Bone fractures and breakage 

Heart palpitations and hypertension


Contraindication of calcium and vitamin D3 tablets:


However calcium tablet is contraindicated for some patients.  Avoid Calcium tablet  in

Kidney disease or stone patients;

Cancer patients;

Patients who face problems of heart attack;

Patients having blood circulation problems;


FAQ question about Calcium and vitamin D3 tablet:

What is the use of calcium and vitamin D3 tablets?

Calcium is used for bone marrow formation. Calcium makes our bone strong. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium.  So it is necessary to take vitamin D at the same time. Combination of calcium and vitamin D3 used to full deficiency  of calcium in the body.  

Can I take Calcium  and Vitamin D3  tablet daily?
You can take vitamin D with or without food. You have to take at the same time when you take calcium supplements. It helps in better absorption of calcium. Take calcium tablet when deficiency in your body.

What are the Sideeffects of Calcium and Vitamin D combination?
The Sideeffects of calcium and vitamin d combination are 

  • constipation, 
  • nausea and vomiting 
  • Weakness and restlessness 

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