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 Blood Cancer

Today we will discuss about the cancer:
What is blood cancer?
Blood cancer is also known as?
Blood cancer causes?
Blood cancer symptoms
Is blood cancer curable?
 Blood cancer treatment
Blood cancer symptoms on skin
How long you live with blood cancer?
How blood cancer spread?
Blood test for cancer
Is leukaemia cancer of blood?

 What is blood cancer? 

Our blood has different kinds of blood in it. A single drop contains about  half of a million white blood.  and more than two hundred  million red blood  cell. To maintain those number our body need to recycle old cell and make another ones. The bone marrow produces the fresh blood cell. Bone marrow contains stem cell. that form all the cell found in the blood. Each stem cell many times. which develop into different types of blood cells.

The type of blood cell are;
•Blood plasma;
•Red Blood Cell;
•White Blood Cell;
blood cancer

Red blood cell carry fresh oxygen and white blood cell fights with diseases or cancer.
Blood cancer
Blood cancer

For normal grow of cell. it needs healthy genome. but in some cases error can be occur in the DNA cells. When  the error build up. some cells start growing in uncontrolled way.  which causes lymphoma or leukaemia. Error in the cell known as lymphoblasts cause acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

This is the most common form of leukaemia in children. these cancer comes with faulty  blood cell. They don’t form solid lump. but flow through  the blood vessel. So doctor cannot remove with surgery because all cancer  cell do not form lump.
Doctor uses Chemotherapy  treatment or radiation. Immune system cannot attack the leukaemia or lymphoma.   Bone marrow transplant to replace old corrupted immune.

Causes of Blood cancer

 Drugs and chemical: 

In cancer chemotherapy patients takes differents kinds of medicine. Medicine contain alkylating agent. and medicine does not work in the particular site. If you take medicine for lung cancer, mouth cancer, uterus cancer.  then they kill the cancerous.  But they also kill the non cancerous cell of other organ of the body.

The chemical used in plastic industries, pet industries is toxic . One of them is benzene which is common . Painters used it for house painting. These types of chemical causes cancer.

Pesticides and herbicides:

 It contains different kinds of poisonous chemical. The farmer use that product in the field to kill the insect. 


It has high penetration  power which passes through the cell. It has advantage as well as disadvantage. It also kill the normal cell of the body. 

Viral infection:

 EBV and HTLV are the virus that cause ALL or other kinds of blood cancer.


Cancer cell may transfer from one generation to another. In the chromosome mutation,insertion, translocation occur causing.
Down syndrome :
It is happens in children. The chance of blood cancer is more on that children.

Other blood Disorder:

 Anemia or blood disease further develop into blood cancer.
Blood cancer symptoms
For the diagnosis of blood cancer Patients comes with sign and symptoms:
 Blood cancer symptoms . For the diagnosis of blood cancer Patients comes with sign and symptoms:
●Fever ;
●Bleeding and blood spot on the body;
●Blood in urine or stool;
●Blood in  cough ;
●Weight loss;
●Loss of appetite;
●Pain in the joint;
Beside these you  may also face the other sign and symptoms.


  Blood cancer diagnosis:

First of all doctor check the blood sample. and they conformed at least 70 to 80 % from that. After that doctor diagnosed  complete way. For that they check the condition of bone marrow, CT scan of  abdomen and chest , some genetic test. From all the data, they detect the type of cancer. and how much it has spread.


 Blood cancer treatment  

Everybody wants to know the Treatment of cancer. There is no proper treatment of cancer. The treatments of cancer  are ;
In case of  acute myeloid leukaemia. doctor prescribe strong medicine up to 6 or 7 days.  After that they admit the patients for 15 to 20 days. At first immunity of body goes down due to chemotherapy. after that new cell develop.  When the normal cell start growing , patients start improving. During this period chance of infection is high. The success chance is 50 to 60 %. Many time they have to bone marrow transplant.
for that you have to admit the patients 1 months separate.
In case of acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL) treatment is more successful than  AML. But long process.  The treatment of ALL goes up to 2 years but at first 15 to 20 days.  At first strong medicine given so keep in the hospital.   After 1 month doctor check the bone marrow to check the infection.  If the response is positive. They give further medication for  2 years.

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