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Cefexime 200 mg Tablet

Antibiotic means medicine which inhibit growth of bacteria or kill the bacteria. Cefixime medicine comes under  cephalosporin group of antibiotics. This medicine is patented  in 1979 AD. WHO approved  its for medicinal uses since 1989. It is most safest and effective medicine. Cefixime is a 3rd generation antibiotic medocine. It is used for bacterial infection. It destroys the cell wall of bacteria to cure infection. 

Cefexime Brands Names:

ZIFI 200








Article by Radhika Chaudhary

Cefexime Uses:

Now we will discuss about the uses of antibiotic cefexime. It is used to treat all kinds of bacterial infection. Here are some diseases names. Otitis  is one kinds ear disease. In which swelling occurs in the ear. The causes of otitis are due to passing water into ear, pulling ear,injury in the ear. Different kinds of symptoms are seen like fever,dizziness, pain in the ear. Other disease is sinusitis which is related to nose. In which water is stored in the inner nose. So patients face blockages of nose,watery nose. Some symptoms like fever,headache, pain in the neck are seen.

Doctor prescribe this medicine to treat throat infection. Swelling in the neck occurs. Other complications like tonsillitis appear.  It is used to treat disease related to chest and lungs. It is used in bronchitis disease.  Patients having difficulty in respiration, chestpain. Due to cough storage in the wind pipe patients feels abnormal. There is swelling in  the wind pipes.  

It treats lungs related diseases  like pneumonia. Breathing problems seen due to Cough stored in the lungs. Many patients have urinary tract infections. There’s infection in the urinary  bladder.  Burning sensation during urination time. It treats sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea. It is used to treats white discharge from reproductive organ in the female. Doctor also prescribe to treat swelling of testis in male patients. 

It treats billing tract infections that is related to bile duct. Bile duct is located near the liver. It kills gram +ve and gram -ve Bacteria. 

Cefexime Dose/Dosage:

Doses is calculated according  to age,weight,condition  of patients. Approximately 10mg/kg/day in two divided dose is goven to the patients. 

For 10 kg patients, 100 mg is provide per day into two divided form. 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening.

For 20 kg patient, 200 mg per day into two divided form. 100 mg in the morning and after 12 hours 100 mg doses is given. 

Adult doses is  200 mg tablet 2 times in a days for 3-7 days. But durations be for longer time. It depends on condition of the patients. 

Cefexime Side effect:

It is safe medicine so mainly no any side effects  are seen.  But due to different factors some side effects may be seen. Some possible sideeffect are as follows:-


Abdominal pain;

Stomach upset;

Nausea and vomiting;

Allergic reaction;

Skin rashes;



Warning and precautions:

Before taking cefexime consult with your doctor if children having below 6 month, renal impairment patients. Avoid this medicine patients having sensitive with penicillin


We only provide information for knowledge purposes. Don’t take it as a medical advice. Before taking any medicine consult with you nearest doctor. Sometimes self medication can cause harmful conditions. 

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