Cetirizine Side Effects/Uses/How to treat allergy?

 Cetirizine Hydrochloride

Introduction of Cetirizine Hydrochloride

Cetirizine Hydrochloride is a second generation antihistamine medicine .which is used to treat allergic condition like allergic asthma,urticaria,seasonal allergy. It is available as 10 mg strength.

Common cold patients

What are the Brand Name of  Cetirizine Hydrochloride?

Cetirizine is also available by its generic name. The brand name are given by the pharma company which may be different according to country ,area. Brand name represent the particular company so one company is allowed to copy other brand name. Some brand name of  cetirizine are:

Hicet tablet 10 mg

Cetzine tablet

Zyrtec tablet

Okacet tablet

Alerid tablet

Beside these you can also get by different name in the medical shop or according to doctor prescription

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What are the uses of Cetirizine?

Let’s discuss the uses and benefit of cetirizine tablet. It is mainly used to treat the allergic condition. If any patients faces the problem of runny nose,common cold,sneezing,tear in eyes. then this medicine cetirizine is prescribed by the physician or doctor.

If any person affected with urticaria due any kinds of allergy,unhealthy habits or sanitation. then you can use this medicine.

In our surrounding different kinds of insect are available among them some are less toxic or more harmful. Any insect bite you and the site become redness, swelling occurs then cetirizine is on of the best medicine which can be used in the treatment.

Other disease named as asthma which is related to respiratory system. and affect the organs like lungs,bronchioles.Asthma is mainly caused by smoking or polluted smoke and air. Nowadays air is pollute by different kinds of chemical which is released from the industries and factories. So Cetirizine is prescribed for long term in allergic asthma as a supportive.

In  one year climate or season changed so we have to adapt according to the climate. Our skin is very sensitive and skin get allergic effect. Someone has  allergy with woollen clothes where skin become red and itching problem.

Scabies is another disease where serious itching occurs on the skin,for this treatment cetirizine is prescribed.

Cetirizine Tablet is not Prescribed to those patients

If any patients have kidney problem or sever liver problem then this medicine is not prescribed.

If they have prostrate enlargement or allergic to any histamines. then avoid cetirizine hydrochloride.

Not for pregnant or breast feeding mother

Not for alcoholic person

What are the side effect of cetirizine?

Cetirizine is a safe medicine so mainly no any side effect are seen. but in some cases patients may faces side effect as:
Difficulty in urinating;
Abdominal pain in children;

Besides these if you face any other side effect then contact your doctor quickly for further treatment.

Doses of Cetirizine 

Mainly 1 tablet of 5mg or 10 mg is prescribed.
In urticaria 10 mg tablet for 2 time is prescribed.
In cases of scabies prescribed for longer time according to doctor advice
The duration of this medicine is 10 to 15 days

If you have sneezing,common cold then 1 tablet at night for 3 to 4 days is prescribed

If your are older than 65 years old then 5 mg tablet is only prescribed.

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