Diosmin Hesperdin|Daflon Tablet Uses,Side Effect

 Daflon tablet|Diosmin Hesperdin

What is Diosmin Hesperdin (Daflon Tablet)?

Diosmin Hesperdin is a antioxidant micronized purified flavonoids drug. which is commonly used for blood vessel disorder like varicose veins, piles, poor circulation,acute or chronic hemorrhoids,lymphedema.

It is a film coated tablet which is available in the strenth of 500 mg  and 1000 mg. This tablet contain 90% Diosmin and 10% Hesperdin.

What are the brand names of Diosmin Hesperdin ?

Brand names are given by the pharma company which may be different according to the country,area. Some brand name which are available in the medical shop are as follow:-

Daflon Tablet/Daflon 500 mg

Livosmin tablet

Dioxel Tablet

Venostor tablet

Besides this you can also get this medicine by other name in the market.

What are the uses of Diosmin Hesperdin (daflon tablet)?

It is used to promote the blood flow in the body. If any patients have problem of piles in which there is problem in stool passing due to swealing. and its pain too much the daflon tablet is prescribed for the patients.If there is poor blood flow in the leg,pain in the leg then you can  take daflon tablet. 

Another diseases is vericose vein in which blood does not flow properly,skin color become blue or purple.  Vericose eczema in swealling occur in the hand.

Hyperpigmentation is a diseases in which skin color change (especially blue color) at different site on the body.

What are the side effect of Diosmin Hesperdin (Daflon tablet)?

It is safe medicine mainly no side effect is seen. Some side effect are






Skin allergy

What are the mechanism of action of Diosmin Hesperdin (daflon tablet)?

Diosmin Hesperdin increases the diameter of veinous and resist the blood from capillaries so blood does not collecte d on the skin.

Dosage of Daflon tablet

 Common doses for adult:-

2 tab. TDS for 4 days after that 2 tab. BD for 3 days after that 2 tab. OD regularly but not more than 3 months.


Not prescribed for pregnant women and breast feeding mother.

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