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Doxofylline tablet:

Doxofylline is a methyl xanthine derivative. It is bronchodilator.  Doxofylline tablet uses uses in breathing related problems treatment.   It is long acting xanthine derivatives. So it’s doses is taken in low. Doxomax doesn’t stimulate gastric acid.   It increases diaphragm contractility and mucociliary clearance.   doxoril relaxes bronchial musculature. and thus causes bronchodilatation. Doxyjohn decreases the ability of eosinophils and T lymphocytes to cause inflammation.


Doxofylline Brand Names:

Doxofylline or doxophylline is It’s generic name. It is also a available. by it chemical name.  Some brands available in the market are as follows:

Doxoril tablet 

Doxolin tablet

Doxiflo tablet

Doxobid tablet

Doxovent tablet

Zordox tablet

Theodril SR tablet

Synasma tablet

Roar tablet

Doxomax tablet

Doxiba tablet

Doxiflo tablet

Doxof-400 tablet

D-Aasma 400 tablet

B-Dox 400 tablet


Microphyllin 400 tablet

Maxivant tablet

Dilatair tablet

Doxofix tablet

Doxofree tablet

Doxosal-400 tablet

Supprex tablet

Fylod tablet

Doxyjohn 400 tablet

Phylosafe-AM tablet

Duphill tablet

Beside these.  It is available by others name in the medical shop. Brand name is different according pharma company. 


Doxofylline tablet Uses:

It treats diseases like asthma,COPD,Bronchospasm.  

Asthma is chronic lung disease.  It is non communicable disease. It characteristics are

Airways obstruction mainly due to miscles spasm

Death rate from asthma increased by 31% since 1980. Symptoms appears like cough,wheezing,dyspnea,chest pain,breathing problem. 

 COPD is disease state having airflow limitations. That is not completely reversible.  Symptoms seen are cough,sputum,dyspnoea, pink puffer.

Bronchospasm is constrictions of bronchi and bronchioles.  Sign and symptoms appear are:. Falling oxygen saturation,wheezing, increased peak airways pressure, etc

Doxofylline tablet Dose/Dosage:

Doxofylline common dose is 400 mg tablet 1 or 2 times in a day. And 650 mg tablet is taken for 1 time in a day. The duration of consuming this medicine is for 1 or 3 weeks.  


Doxofylline mechanism of action:

Doxofylline works by non specific inhibition of phosphodiesterase isoenzyme. Doxiflo inhibits phosphodiesterase III and IV. It prevents  degradation of cAMP in airways smooth  muscles.  That result accumulation of cAMP. cAMP cause relaxation of airways muscles.  Phosphodiesterase IV inhibition cause decrease in cytokines and chemokins release.  

Methylxanthine act as antagonist to adenosine receptor.  Result into brochodilation of airways muscles.  Adenosine receptor found in smooth muscles and mast cell. Adenosine receptor cause broncho-constrictions. 


Doxofylline tablet Sideeffects:


Somes side effects seen as:




Stomach pain


Sugar level increases


Beside these any side effects seen. Then contact your nearest doctor immediately.  Before taking any medicine consult with doctor. Self medication causes harmful effects. 

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