Etoricoxib Tablet Uses,Side Effect:Nucoxia tablet

 Etoricoxib tablet

1. Introduction of Etoricoxib tablet

Etoricoxib is a NSAID medicine subclass is Cox inhibitor which is used to suppress inflamation and pain

2.Brand names of Etoricoxib tablet

As we know that brand name is given by the pharma company so it particularly indicates on company. This medicine is available with different brand name in the medical shop. Some brand name are as given below:
Retoz Tablet
Etoshine Tablet
Etoxibe Tablet
Etody Tablet
Brutaflam 90 mg Tablet
Nucoxia Tablet

3. Uses of Etoricoxib tablet

The uses of Etoricoxib tablet described in this topic. The disease name as Rehumotoid arthritis. which is related to bone joint and symptoms like pain in the bone,swealling in the bone. This disease mainly seen in the fingers  and joint of hand.
Another disease is Psoriatic athritis in which affect the finger of leg and symptoms like pain,swealing,itching,redness,finger become thick then .Etoricoxib tablet is used as pain killer in this disease.
Osteoarthritis which is related to bone diseases in which pain and swealling  . Ankylosing Spondylitis is a disease of back bone which is long lasting pain,swealling which reaches up to hip joint.
 It is also Prescribed for the patients having low back ache and acute pain like pain in the hand, leg or other bone then this medicine is prescribed. Gaut is disease of leg’s finger in which pain, redness,swealling like symptoms appear. Dysmenorrhea is seen in women during menstruation period in which too much pain in the bache ,waist,abdomen.  then this medicine is prescribed.It is also used to relief dental surgery pain

4.Side effect of Etoricoxib tablet

It is safe medicine mainly no any side effect are seen. In cases  some condition these side effect can be seen
-Dry mouth
-Patients cannot recognize the taste of food
-Stomach upset may seen
-constipation /Diarrhoea
-loss of appetite


Common dose is 1 tablet per day after meal and you have to directly swallow this medicine with water.

6. Warning and precaution

If any patients are allergic to NASAIDS group like paracetamol,asprin,aceclofenac then this medicine is not prescribed
-Pregnancy and lactation 
-Irritable Bowl syndrome
-If you have gastric and ulcer
-Liver and kidney disease 
-Gastrointestinal bleeding
-Coronary heart disease or heart failure
-Child below 16 years old

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