Fluoxetine 10 mg: Side Effects Dosage |Prozac|Depression Treatment

Fluoxetine Side effect

Fluoxetine Brand Name

 Here are some list of brand name available in the medical shop.
Prozac capsule 
Flunil capsule 
Fludec Capsule 
PROzac Weekly 
Flucap Capsule 
ANDP-20 Capsule 
DAWNEX Capsule 
ENDEP Capsule 
EXITIN Capsule 
FADEP Capsule 
FLUCHEM Capsule 
 NINI-Flu Tablet
 Nuzac tablet 
 Trizac Tablet 
Platin tablet 
Prodep tablet 
OXEDEP tablet
 LOFTIL capsule
 Griloc capsule 
FLUXAL Capsule
 Flutinol Capsule 
FLUTA-20 Capsule

Beside these you can also get this medicine by other names. Brand names is different according to country , states. One company cannot copy other brand name.  



Fluoxetine capsule/ tablet are an antidepressants medicine. Prozac is in the family of medication called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSR). It influence the amount of serotonin for function of the body.  It is available in the strength of 10 mg, 20 mg, 60 mg.


Now we’ll discuss about the use of Prozac capsule/tablet. Doctor prescribe this medicine as antidepressant. It’s used to treat depression. Depression is one of the common psychiatric or mental disorder. Nowadays, many people have depression. Someone have family problem, office work, school or college related problem. Anyone dominate other,  they get mental toucher. In college you have seen senior students behave negative way to junior.  People are not able to identify symptoms of depression. Boss gives pressure of project to their worker in office. They order  time to time  to complete work. The symptoms seen in depression patients are  excessive sadness. They don’t laugh and have no  response to anyone. They don’t like to work. They feel irritate about any thing. So I request you for check up and diagnosis. It affects our nervous system so don’t take it easy. In our country young generation have more problem of depression. 

Another disease is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People forget any thing. They have low IQ power so they can’ remember past. Patients repeat the same work many times. At home they wash their hands, close the door again and again. Patients talk itself and behave as  abnormal. It’s seen in 7 years child to old age people. Doctor prescribe to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Eating disorder is another disease where person eat too much. After eating food they vomit known as  Bulimia nervosa. Enable tooth fall down. For this treatment  PROzac Weekly prescribed. 

Patients use differents kinds of diuretic for weight loss. Where symptoms like vomit, feel weakness  seen. Then doctor prescribe Adofen to treat. Premenstrual  Syndrome (PMS) seen in women before period. Symptoms like depression ,angry, sadness for 2 weeks. At that time Rapiflux is more  beneficial. According to doctor experience and knowledge doctor to boot sexual mood . It’s also use to treat pre-ejaculation in male. 

Side Effects

It is a safe medicine for patients. Commonly no any side effect is seen. But in some condition side effects seen:

Sleep Disturbance

Loss of appetite

Dry mouth



Feeling guilt

Abnormal dream

Sexusl dysfuntion seizures

With-drawl syndrome 

This condition is seen when patients suddenly stop taking this medicine. After continuous taking 15 or 20 days. When you do not take then

Anxiety: Sudden onset of a rapid heart rate, trembling, sweating, pain in the chest. Numbness and tingling throughout the body.


Loss of sensation

So to avoid these problem gradually decrease the dose.

Fluoxetine Dose/Dosage

Doctor prescribe 10 mg or 20 mg tablet/capsule. Take this medicine at bed time after dinner so that better effects seen. You can take this medicine twice a day. At the interval of 12 hours. Special cares for teenager for first dose.

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