Grilinctus Cough Syrup|Anti cough Syrup|kufstar

A reflex that helps to protect your respiratory tract and bronchi, lungs is known as cough.  That remove air and other foreign particle from lungs and tract outside. It remove at the speed of 51 mile per hour. It long last for one or two week. In some patients may be more days. 


 Grilinctus Cough Syrup

Brand Name:

Grilinctus Cough Syrup
Cofmac Syrup
Ronucuf Syrup 
Kufstar Syrup
Collintus cough Syrup
Particular pharma. company give the brand name.  But the chemical composition of all brand is same. Brand name dedicate the one company. One pharma company’s not allowed to copy other name. So brand name is differ from one states  to another. Some medicine available with name kufstar syrup that will not get in other country. Beside these mention name you can also get other name in the market. 


It’s a combination medicine for cough treatment. It’s composed of different chemical 

Dextromethorphan:- 5 ml or 5 mg

Ammonium Chloride:- 5 ml or 60 mg

Chlorpheniramine :- 5 ml or 2.5 mg

Guaiphenesin :-5 ml or 50 mg

All these medicine  are generic medicine. In composition that gives better result. It provides quick performance to cure the cough. 

Grilinctus cough syrup uses

As you know that cough may be dry or wet cough. There are many medicine that particularly used for dry or wet cough. But you can take collintus for both cough. During rainy or winter season many people suffer from common cold. Dirty environment also cause common cold. This time symptoms like runny nose, headache, appear on patients. This medicine is best to treat that problem. 

Other problem is allergy, bronchitis of respiratory system. Itching and paining on the neck. Doctor or pharmacist prescribe Grilinctus syrup to cure. 

Grilinctus Dosage/Dose:

Dose vary according to age, weight condition of the patients. Actual dose is 5 ml for 2 or 3 times in a day. You can take kufstar syrup before or after meal. The duration of this medicine is for 3 or 4 days. Antibiotic also given to get quick result and suppress the cough. 

Warning and contra-indication:

This medicine is not for children less than 6 years old. Guaiphenesin cause side effect in children. 
Don’t drink alcohol;
Be away from heavy machine and work;
Do not allow the patients to drive vehicle;

Inform your doctor if you have:

  • Patients having lung disease;
  • Person suffer from epilepsy;
  • Heart disease patients :
  • Eye’s disease name Glaucoma;
  • If you feel problem in urinating;
  • Psychetric medication;

Patients having these problem then contact you doctor. Do not self medicate the disease.  Self medication and treatment may be harmful or cause death to the patients. 

Grilinctus Cough Syrup side effect:

At normal condition it does not cause any harmful effect to the patients. 

Normal blood pressure may low ;

Patients feel sleepiness;

Nausea and Vomiting;



Increase appetite;

Chest tightness;


Beside these any side effect seen then contact your nearest doctor. So that further treatment can be given. 

Grilinctus Cough Syrup Price:

Price is differ according to product. MRP may be different. It is available from Rs. 85 to 200 indian currency. 

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