Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Degree (salary) in the World|Medicine

 Today we will discuss about medical profession. Everyone want to know about their body system. How the body system works ? Why we suffer from diseases? Which medicine should I take? To be a doctor you have to interest in biology (science) from school level. You have to take Biology as a measure subject in Isc. You must have knowledge of anatomy , chemistry. After that Yo have to study MBBS course of 4 years. Some start serving the people and earn money . We all have interest on salary of any profession. We choose the course which paid high money. After MBBS you must study more to be a qualified doctor.

Highest paid doctor degree 

1. Neurosurgery (Neurosurgeon)

Neurosurgery salary: about $ 750,000 per year 

Neurosurgeon is has more knowledge about brain. They do diagnosis of diseases related to central and peripheral nervous system. They provide surgical as well as non surgical treatment of brain disease like trauma ,
any other infection of brain,spine

2. Orthopedic surgery (Orthopedist)

Orthopedic surgery : about $495,000 per year 
They are specialist of bone, ligament joint. They repair the fracture , manipulate the bone fragment. They all kinds of disease related to bone like arthritis, pain in the leg, sports injuries, muscles.

highest paid doctor degree
 highest paid doctor degree  in the world

3. Plastic Surgery 

Plastic Surgery salary : About $520,000 per year 
It is also known as reconstructive surgery . They provide treatment to maintain normal appearance of body. Treatments like tumor removal, hand and leg surgery, palate surgery. Surgery of skin after burn and acid attack. They re-establish the normal function of skin through grafting.
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4. Cardiology (cardiologist)

Cardiology salary : $450,000 per year 
They most important role in the diagnosis and treatment of heart . Some example of cardio-vascular diseases like hypertension, angina , acute coronary syndrome treated here .
Heart pain , heart attack patients can get proper treatment.

5. Gastroenterology (gastroenterologist)

Gastroenterology salary : $410,00 per year 
They are Gastrointestinal tract specialist disease related to stomach ,liver, rectum ,colon,oesophagus. They treat the acid peptic disorder of stomach, Inflammation of bowel syndrome.
Treatment of infectious diarrhoea, peptic ulcer.

6. Anesthesiology (Anesthesiologists):

Anesthesiology salary: About $390,000 per year
Anesthesia word derived from Greek Where

‘ an’ means “without” and 
‘aisthesis’ means “sensation”
So we can say that the procedure or treatment which inhibit the sensation. They work in the operation room,CT, MR, pain management, respiratory care unit, CPR team ,ER. ICU ward,

7.Urology (urologist)

Urology salary : $375,00 per year 
Also known as genitourinary surgery which is the branch of medicine . They treat the disease of urinary tract in male and female both. Treatments of adrenal gland , bladder, kidney, testicular and vaginal disorder. Disease like enlarged  prostrate, weak bladder muscles, 

8. Otolaryngology

Otolaryngology salary: $ 388,000 per year 
They are specialist of head and neck parts of body that includes nose ,tongue, salivary gland.’ They cure periodontal disease like gingiva. If you have problem of tooth cavity decay. Aphthous ulcer which is infection of lips skin and mouth.


Oncology salary: $365,000 per year
It deals about cancer disease. Treatment of cancer disease like neoplasia, hyperplasia, dysplasia, invasive carcinoma ,metaplasia. They treat the cancer of lungs, mouth, breast , uterus, blood ,stomach. Nowadays many people dye from cancer. So they play many role in the cancer treatment by radiation, chemotherapy, antibiotic.

10. Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology salary: about $355,000 per year 
It is the branch of medicine that deals about anatomy, physiology, and disease of the eyes. They treat the disease like glaucoma, cornea, cataract, oculoplastic, vitreoretinal of the eyes. Also treat diabetic retinopathy, vitamin A deficiency.

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