How to Setup Meroshare ID and Password first login|Meroshare first login

When you open your DEMATE Account in the bank. You have to fill up Meroshare form. Then only you can apply ipo of any I company from your  mobile,computer. Otherwise you have to go bank to apply ipo. You will get Meroshare ID and Password in Gmail or Email. 

If you want to know how to set Meroshare ID and Password for fir st time. Then follow the given steps carefully:



After fill up meroshare form in the bank. You’ll get message within 1 or 2 weeks. बैंकमा meroshare को form भरिसेके पछि १ वा २ हप्ता भित्र नै meroshare IDpassword तपाईं आफनो Gmail वा Email मा पाउनुहन्छ।

gmail messages 


Click on the received messages.  There you’ll get your DP ID, Loging ID and Password.  But you have to change the primary Password.

आएको message मा click गर्नुस। त्यहा तपाइले आफनो DP ID, Login ID र Password पाउनुहुन्छ। तर तपाले त्यो password परिवरतन गर्नुपर्छ। 



 Remember or write on notecopy your DP ID, Login ID and Password received in messages.

 तपाईको message मा आको DP ID, Login ID र Password याद राखनुहोस वा कुनैै कापीमा लेेेेख्नुुुुुस।


There is a link to login below the password.  Click on the link as shown in the photo.

 त्यसपछि Password को तल login link हुन्छ,त्यसमा link मा थिच्नुस।


Change meroshare password 


After clicking new windows will open where you have to fill up all information received on messages. थिचिसके पछि नयाँँ screen आउँछ त्यसमा मागेको कुरा DP ID ,login ID(username) र Password राख्नुस।

After fill up. Click on login. भरिसकेपछी, Login मा थिच्नुस।



Then new window will open. It says to change the password.  अर्को नयाँ screen आउछ, त्यसमा Password परिवरतन गर्न भन्छ।



Fill up old password which you have got on gmail. Create a new password again type new password in conform confirm password.Click on Change Password. 

Gmail मा आको पुरानो password राख्नुस। अर्को नयाँ password बनाउनुहोस। conform password मा पनी नयाँँ password राख्नुस। Change password मा थिच्नुस।



Then new window will open for login. Fill up your DP ID, Login Id and New Password (which you have created now).  After fill up click on login. 

अर्को नयाँ screen आउछ त्यसमा Login गर्न भन्छ।आफनो DP ID, Login IDनयाँँ password राखनुस। अनि Login मा थिच्नुस।



Again new window will opem. Where you have to set up 4 digit PIN Code. Which is required while buying or selling ipo.  फेरि अर्को screen खुल्छ। त्यहाँ तपाईले ४ अकँको PIN Code आफैले बनाउनुस।


Step-10: After creating PIN code. Click on proceed.  PIN Code बनाइसके पछि, proceed मा थिच्नुस।

You  have successfully set up your Meroshare ID and Password. Now you can buy ipo through online. 

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