How to transfer share from meroshare? EDIS System

Do you know how to transfer share and edis from meroshare? Today we will discuss about it. How to transfer share after selling? At past time we had to go with dis slip to the broker. And after filling up share they used to transfer share. 
After selling share in the day. You will get message from broker till 5 o’clock in the evening. In the message they request you to transfer share till tomorrow.

How to transfer share from meroshare?

WACC calculation: Do Before transfering share

Step 1: Login to meroshare account. Then Dashboard will open.
Step 2: Click on my purchase source. (Before transfering share you have to do WACC calculation)
Step 3: After that new window will open. In the script you have to type company symbol. After typing sold share company symbol click on search. Tick all the box and click on proceed.
Step 4 : now go to my holding option. Type your sold company symbol and search. After that tick all the box and click on proceed.


My edis: to transfer share online

Step1: Click on my EDIS option.
There you will get 3 option. But you have to click on transfer share.
Step2: new interface will open. Check all the detail is correct or not. After that tick the box and clcik on proceed. It will again say to tick the box and proceed.
Finally you have successfully transferred you share request.

What is WACC?

WACC stands for Weighed Average Cost of Capital. It is firm’s cost calculation of capital. Where all categories of capital are weighed equal. It helps us to determine ineterest of company for each dollar it finance.

How to transfer share from meroshare? EDIS System

What is WACC formula?

To calculate WACC,multiply cost of each capital source by it’s relevant weight. After that add the product to get value.
In mathematics,
WACC= (E/V ×Re)+[D/V×Rd(1-Tc)]

E=Market value of firm’s equity
D=Market value of firm’s debt
Re=Cost of equity
Rd=Coast of debt
Tc= Corporate tax rate

When to do WACC calculation?

You have to do WACC calculation after selling the share. Before doing My edis.

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