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Lignocaine Brand name

Xylocaine spray| xylocaine spray 10 %
Lox spray| lox spray 10 %
Lindain spray
UAD Caine
Xylocaine HCl
Lidocop gel-2%
Gesicain 2% jelly
Lidocaine CV
Pharma companies give the brand name to the medicine.  Differents pharma company has it’s own name. Brand names are different according to pharma companies. One pharma companies cannot put other name.

Lignocaine use in injury to reduce pain

 What is Lignocaine ?

Lignocaine is an anaesthetic agent . Lignocaine used as  a local anaesthesia. It inhibits the pain sensation. It is also available in the for of ointment, gel ,spray.injection. Its strength is 10% (10mg per puff).

Lidocaine (Lignocaine) uses|what does lidocaine do ?:

It is an anaesthetic agent uses for pain management. Doctor use lignocaine before inserting catheter in the urethra . They use catheter to examine the condition when urine blocked. Patients feel pain sensation. Other instrument like  endoscopic used in the mouth.  Dentist use  before dental surgery.  Many patients have tooth problem. Patients is afraid at the time of surgery. Doctor remove tooth .  After using lidocaine doctor do surgery. For women patients can use after birth. 
During reproduction pain is normal. To reduce the excessive pain. Sport man do hard physical exercise. During exercise time they injured. You can observe in the stadium when player injured doctor spray medicine. 
Lignocaine is a better to reduce the pain. For middle class family injury is normal. Not only middle class people higher class people also injured. During driving time they fall down from vehicle. At time patients can use spray lignocaine . It reduces the burn pain . If any insect bite you the you can use to  kill the pain
It also increase the male ejaculation time .Ejaculation is normal in teenager.
Overall lidocaine is pain killer. So is essential to keep at home .It reduces the pain.

Lidocaine|lignocaine Side Effects

Lidocaine is a safe medicine. So it has less side effect. Some common side effect of lignocaine spray are
Redness in the particular site 
Swelling on the sprayed site
Allergic reaction (use cetirizine
Itching problem
Besides these you may faces other problem. So wash it properly with cold water. Contact your doctor for further treatments.

How to apply Lignocaine?   |Lidocaine max dose

In normal injury 1 spray is better. It reduce the pain. But in dental surgery doctor spray 4 or 5 times to kill pain. After delivery of women 10 to 20 time  sprayed it.

Lignocaine Spray price

Price is not fix. It varies according to company product. You can get it Rs. 100 to 500 price.

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