Luzu (Luliconazole cream) Uses,Side effect

Luliconazole Cream

1. Introduction of Luliconazole Cream

Luliconazole cream 1% w/w  is a azole antifungal medicine used to treat skin fungal infection

2.Brand Name of Luliconazole Cream

Brand name is given by the pharma company which may be different according to your area, states,country. The cost price may be little bit high than generic medicine. Some brand name of medicine are as follow:

Lulifin Cream

Luzu Cream

Lulibet  Cream

Luliford Cream

Lulimac cream

Lulinaz Cream

Besides this You  can also get by different in the medical shop.

3.Uses of Luliconazole Cream

Now we will know the uses of luliconazole cream. It is an antifungal medicine. The disease name as Athlet’s foot where symptoms like reddness,crack ,wounds,itching,blister on the legs  . then luliconazole is used to treat this.

Sometimes cracks may appear on the skin then this medicine is used. The name of other disease is Jock itch where red patches appear on body and sometimes itching.

Jock itch mainly seen in the folded skin like between the fingers ,arms,thigh. Another fungal infection is Ringworm where ring like structure appear on the skin. And symptoms like itching,redness.Ringworm commonly caused by sweat in sport person,farmer

4. How to apply Luliconazole cream

First of dry the infected area then apply a thin layer on the skin. Do not go outside in the sunlight ray and wash your hand after using medicine.

5.Mechanism of action of Luliconazole

Luliconazole stop the ergosterol production in the fungus which is responsible for cell growth. After using this medicine ergosterol reduce due to which cell wall is not formed and fungus died.


Patients can use 2 or 3 times in a day. For one or two week.

7.Side Effect of Luliconazole

It is safe medicine so commonly no any side effect is seen. Rarely some side effect like redness, itching,blister increases on the infected area.

8. Storage condition

It is stored at 20  to 25 degree celcius.  keep away from  direct sunlight 

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