Pantoprazole Levosulpride Capsule|Why Pantoprazole is important?

What is Pantoprazole and Levosulpride Capsule ?

Pantoprazole Levosulpride capsule is a combination of PPI and prokinetic agent. It is used to treat gastric related problem. Strentgh of this capsule is Pantoprazole. The strength of  Pantoprazole is 40 mg enteric coated and levosulpride 75 mg sustained release.

What are the brand name of Pantoprazole Levosulpride capsule?

These are the some brand name of Pantoprazole capsule which may be different according to  Pharma company.

Pan I capsule

Pansac I capule

Volpride plus capsule

Pantocid capsule

Pantop Is Capsule 

Pantodac I capsule

What are the uses of Pantoprazole Levosulpride capsule?

Pantoprazole is proton pump inhibitor  which decrease excess secretion of acid. and levosulpride is prokinetic agent which increases the movement of stomach and intestine. It is used to treat gastric which is causes due to excessive production of acid. Patients also faces the problem of heart pain also called as heart pain. It is also used to cure oesophagus infection and neck dry. Zollinger Ellison Syndrome is a disease which causes due to excessive production of acid. That  leading destruction of protective layer of stomach. resulting peptic ulcer in the stomach then this medicine is prescribed to the patients.

Dyspepsia is a condition in which stomach pain due to undigestion of foodNausea and vomiting are also treated by taking this medicine. Another disease is  IBS means Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is related to intestine problem. and symptoms like stomach pain,diarrhoea then  this medicine is used. Constipation is treated by this medicine. It is also taken with NSAIDs to decrease gastric irritation.

What are the mechanism of action of Pantoprazole?

 Pantoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that covalently bind with to the hydrogen ion, pottassium ion ATPase enzyme. at the secretory surface of the gastric parietal cell. and decreases the gastric acid production.

What are the side effect of Pantoprazole Levosulpride Capsule?

Some side effect of Pantoprazole Levosulpride are as follow:


Abdominal Pain;





Muscle Pain;

High Fever;

How to take Pantoprazole Levosulpride Capsule?

1 capsule is taken per day before one hour or after 2 hour of meal. It is mainly prescribed for seven days. but in case of some patients it is also prescribed for 1 month or more.

What are the warning and precaution while taking Pantoprazole capsule?

Avoid antacid prepration in aluminium,magnesium and anti chollinergic   medicine like atropine,dicyclomin.

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