Pregabalin is used for pain|lyrica|nova plus

Pregabalin is prepared in tablet and capsule form. It is  used for neuropathic pain. Which is nerve pain, numbness in nerve. which does not treat with painkiller tablets. It is available in different strengths such as

pregabalin-50 mg

pregabalin-75 mg 

pregabalin-150 mg 


pregabalin capsules brands name:

Pregabalin is generic name. Some brand available in the market are. 

lyrica 75 mg

maxgalin|maxgalin 75 

pregavid 75 mg 


Galinerve capsule

GB-LIN Capsules 


Zylin capsule

PREBAXE capsule

pregalin nova




pregabanyl sr 


Beside these. you can alao get it by different name in the medical shop.  Brands name is differ according pharma company. Different products are available in the country. 


Pregabalin Capsule uses:

It is neuropathic pain killer.  It’s pain caused by primary lesion/ dysfunction in nervous system.  Symptoms appear are burning,stabbing,electric like.  It treats diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Another disease is epilepsy seizure. Epilepsy is clinical condition in which they are  recurrent two or more unprovoked seizures.  Seizure  is proximal event. due to to abnormal excessive neuronal activity in the brain cortex. Fibromyalgia is another diseases.  It is rheumatic disorder.  Characterized by chronic muscular pain with no obvious. Patients complain shoulder, elbow,neck,knee pain.


 It also  treats anxiety disorders.  It is restless leg syndrome.  When people stops drinking alcohol. at that time their body pain. Physicians also prescribed it for migraines treatment.  Migraine is familiar disorder. characterized by recurrent attack of headache. It’s causes due to stress, family history etc.

It’s used in herpes zoster  treatment.  It is also known as Shingles.  That is acute infection of the nerve cell and surrounding skin. Which appears as band of blister on one side of chest or back. Sometimes it may appear anywhere in  the body. 

Pregabalin capsule dose/dosage: 


Common dose is 75 mg  at night time. Dose may varies according to condition of patients. The onset action of pregabalin is 1 week. Take it for dor short time. After taking for longer time. You may get addicted to pregabalin.  

Pregabalin Sideeffects:

Some sideeffect seen are: 



Trouble with memory

Dry mouth

Beside these. if any side effect seen . then contact your nearest doctor immediately.  So that further treatment can be given. 

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We provide information for knowledge purpose only.  Don’t take it as medical advice.  And we are promoting any products. Don’t do self medication.  It may cause harmful conditions.  

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