Ranitidine Uses Side effects |Aciloc tablet

This post describes about Ranitidine sideeffect uses dose. It treats gastric problem of the patients.

Brand Name of Ranitidine:

RANTAC tablet

ACILOC tablet

ACEPTIN tablet

ACIN tablet

ASINAR tablet

BENTID tablet

DETAC-150 tablet

EXAC tablet

EUCON tablet

DURAN tablet









Introdiction of Ranitidine:

Ranitidine is a H2 antagonist film coated tablet . Aciloc used to treat gastric  and throat problem. It’s available in the strength of 150 mg and 300 mg tablet. Ranitidine is also available in syrup and injection form
As you know that ranitidine is H2 blocker. It inhibits histamine action on H2 receptors. That work on the gastric parietal cell. It reduces the secretion of gastric acid. 


Ranitidine Aciloc 150 Uses:

Now we’ll discuss about the uses of Ranitidine tablet. At present, living fooding habit of patients changed. People avoid simple food. They eat cholesterol rich food. They do less physical exercise. Differents kinds of chemical used in the food. From manufacturing to cooking place. That chemical cause serious problem on human body. 

It alters the gastric acid secretion .  More secretion of gastric acid damage the layer of stomach and intestine.  Inflammation develops in the gastric region. You can observe  in our society and country . Most of the adult or old age people have gastric problem. 

Due to gastritis there is abnormal food digestion. patients start farting too much. It’s used in the prevention and treatment of duodenal and gastric ulcers.

 It treats Gastro-esophgeal Reflux. disease You may feel uncomfortable in front of people. Excessive gas formation causes heart burn. Many people have heart disease. Due to excessive cholesterol  blood can’t flow properly. Due to lack of blood problem appear. Pain in the heart, heart attack seen in the patients. 
It’s also given with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory disease.

 NSAIDs drug increase gastric secretion. Doctor prescribes in combination with amoxicillin and clarithromycin to treat helicobacter pylori. 

Another uses in throat infection. The causes of throat infection may be virus, bacteria, etc. 

Symptoms like pain in the throat, dryness, appear. Patient feel problem at eating time. Some person feel thirsty any time. Doctor prescribed ranitidine any other problems of stomach , intestine

Ranitidine (Aciloc) side effect:

This medicine is safe medicine. It does not have major side effect. You have notice people use without doctor advice. But I’ll advice you don’t take yourself. Sometimes Self medication cause unwanted result on our body. Due to overdoses or some reason side effect appear:

Headache : It is common symptoms. There are many causes of headache.

constipation: It’s a problem of digestive system. Patients have problem in passing stool. They also feel pain in the stomach.

Loose motion: 

Beside these , any unwanted side effect seen then contact you doctor. So that further treatment can be given. Always flow doctor suggestion . You should take medicine in time. 

Ranitidine Dosage/Dose:

You can take this medicine before or after meal. At least half hour before  is better. It’s prescribed for 2 or 3 times in a day. Doses vary according to age ,weight  ,condition of the patients. The duration of this medicine is for 14 days.

Warning when taking ranitidine:

Some patients have to avoid ranitidine . It cause more serious problem on that person. Alcoholic person should not take this medicine. Breast feeding and pregnant women should avoid ASINAR tablet. It affect the baby’s health.  Before taking medicine contact with doctor. Do not take antacids  at the same time.


Aciloc 150 price:

It’s price may varies according country. It is available in Rs. 200 to 400 for

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